Sidewalk Sonday School is our children’s ministry to the children (3-13) & their families living in Knoxville’s inner city and area communities. KICKO has been a “mobile” ministry since its inception, as we believe in building relationships on their turf. Sidewalk Sonday School utilizes a cube truck where one side folds down to make a stage and house everything needed to take a Sonday school program into area communities.


Today, our trucks allow us to take the Gospel to 11 different locations with 4 teams visiting around 1,200 kids in our community. If you are looking to get involved with an exciting, outreach ministry then look no further. Sidewalk Sonday School is just for you, and family involvement is encouraged.


Reaching Every Kid for Christ

mobilizing the message of hope

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*for iOS devices, long press the truck, Open in New Tab, Choose starting point, from Your Location, press navigate arrow, can use app or browser for navigation.

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 14487

Knoxville, TN 37914



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