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Celebrate with us what God is doing among the children & their families in our area. We couldn't continue to see the impact in our communities with the prayers & support of so many. Thank you for helping us build brighter futures for our children, youth, & their families!

Making a Difference Together
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Celebrate with us what God is doing among the children and their families in our area. We couldn't have the impact we are without the many partners who support KICKO each and every month. Please take some time to read and rejoice with us over the eternal impact we are having together in our communities. 


For three decades, KICKO has existed to transform communities by equipping & empowering its children, youth, and families to realize their full potential and discover their God-given destiny. Sidewalk is our fun-filled, faith-infused program crafted specifically for our elementary age kiddos. We would love to have you join us to make a difference in the life a young person. 
Christ Centered
We believe that a true life change can only happen through knowing Jesus. While it is important to reach out and meet physical needs, it's ultimately the redemptive power of Jesus that breaks destructive cycles and changes lives.

For children living in hopeless situations, hearing about the love of Jesus gives them the ultimate hope, joy and peace and provides a foundation that can't be shaken.

The heartbeat of our ministry is our Sidewalk Sonday School programs. It's in these environments that so many children have the chance to meet and receive the love of Jesus. We believe transforming our inner city comes by equipping and empowering its children to fully realize their potential and discover their God given destiny. Our desire is to reach every kid for Christ.
Relationship Driven
At the heart of everything we do are intentional, one-on­-one relationships with the children with whom we work. While we can't underestimate the importance of meeting physical, educational and spiritual needs, we understand that those are best met in the context of being actively involved in a child's daily life.

We are committed to being present in the communities where we work. For children coming from backgrounds of abuse or abandonment, the consistent attention and care we offer is often the simplest, yet most meaningful demonstration of love we can give. These relationships are also what make our programs successful.

The constant involvement and accountability provided through mentorship helps keep kids coming to Sidewalk Sonday School, helps us identify needs in a child's life, and actively proves the love of Christ in a tangible way.
Future Focused
We strive not only to bring hope and joy to a child today, but we also constantly consider how our work impacts his or her life tomorrow.

The children we work with have so many obstacles to face, and we want to equip them to overcome these challenges and place their lives on a new path. Our vision is to see their lives changed and become leaders to the next generation as adults.

We begin by teaching young children moral and life principles from the Bible, setting their lives on a path of wisdom and peace.

As KICKO children grow up, we offer our Youth Ministry program. This allows committed teenagers from the areas where we work to become more involved in the ministry and begin developing their passions and life skills.


Learn more about what God has done over the past 25+ years through the ministry of KICKO and the exciting things on the horizon. 

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